I will be Glad to tell u all that the Mtn Magic sim Now Has a new Dimension, but i will spit all out here for my JavaLoge Fans who i love sooo much!

Step 1 Load N500 to your phone [mtn sim], send 2H to 131, they may collect 250 without giving you the plan, just Resend the 2H to 131

Step 2 After you have been given the 2 hours plan to browse, Browse with the sim on your phone [for 32k sim + others just wait till you receive Mtn Configuration message], but the fact is to browse with the sim 10mins - 1hr as you may wish, for me i dnt even browse upto 20mins with mine cos i have much sims to do at hand Stop browsing! removethe simcard from you phone / laptop for 25 -48hours, for me i prefer 48hours but the last 32k sim i did, i left it for about 28hours after that time, put the sim back to your phone,
laptop, iphone, android, blackberry, and even television and browse till you i mean till you mord!

Frequently asked

will the sim work for any Network? No just only MTN [empty hen] Does it work for any plan? Yes it works for all both pulse, supersaver, paygo, paycome, even
JavaLoge mtn sim
[joooor ooo]

Will i need to repeat the process? no, after once like my oga at the top DATS ALL..

Will the sim block? dat one na u come kno! enemy of free browsing...

What not to Do with the sim
Dnt send 2 to 131
Dnt send reset to 131
datz all, enjoi and dnt
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