Getting go-credits is very easy all u need is to follow the simple steps i have listed below.
first step download recurred app ftp full edition  click here to download

2.moby explorer click here to download

Make sure your 2go is in your memory card then connect using blue ftp from another phone, open the memory and look for any file wit a name like this "2go.rms.db" or 2go.rmOOO now select this file and click on item attributes remove the tick in the hidden box and click OK. After this close your blue ftp and open the moby explorer locate file and open it, keep scrolling down and you would be seeing your details like your username,your password and also some of your friends your amount of go-credit is also listed here. When you see the amount of ur go-credit click on options then select edit,note this, The number of digits you have must remain the same after you finish changing it that is if u have 1999 go-credits the maximum go-credits you could have it as 9999 because they are both four digits if you go and increase the digits anything that happen you are [On Your Own]. Now if you have XXXX go-credits you can change it to XXXX go-credits after this save it and close the application, now login your 2go that is in your memory card not the other 1. You see that your go-credit is now the amount you edited it to. This is what i did and now I have 9999 go-credits Always stay glued to Java Loge

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