You've got to have an explorer installed on your phone!!
Follow the below procedure and flex!!!
Now open your xplorer and goto
TOOLS-CONFIGURATION and tick out all the boxes.
Then go back and open where you install your 2go application.
If it is on the phone you will open C, if it is on memory card then you
will open E,
then open MIDLETS, start opening all the folders under it till you see
RMS.DB, Press
Menu and click on File, then select: HEX VIEWER.
Now press 1 and type PASS in the box, start strolling down to your
username & Password at the right hand side.
You can see the password and username of all the people that have
used your 2go on
that phone from day 1 till present!

For more tutorials come everyday 
Have Fun & Flex

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  2. I use to enjoy dis app alot gone as does days.Ppl have grown pass it as whatsapp hv taken der space.